How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Mattress

Being 5mm in size, controlling and removing bed bugs is a tough task indeed but not an impossible one if you take smart measures. In fact, if you know how to get rid of bed bugs in mattress, you can even stop them from reproducing. This way, you not only can control and remove the bed bugs carefully but also make yourself free of bed bug threats and attacks. Therefore, follow our guide step-by-step and you can get a clear idea of how to get rid of bed bugs in mattress. The guide we mentioned is in this blog for you to read. 

Follow Our Guide To Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs From Mattress 

  1. Identify The Property Areas That Are Infested
  • The first thing you need to follow in order to know how to get rid of bed bugs in mattress is to identify all those areas of your places that are infested; even before bed bugs start reproducing 
  • The quicker you identify the infestation type, the faster you can treat the treat your property
  • Bed bugs can easily squeeze into tiny holes because of their narrow and small body size. Moreover, they can even get into seams of the mattress or different types of upholsteries including curtain folds  
  • Therefore, to identify the bed bug Infested areas, look in places such as:
    • The headboard of a bed and its cracks 
    • Near mattress tags 
    • In skirting board
    • In between the couch and its cushions
    • At furniture joints
    • Inside plug-sockets 
    • Under the loose wallpapers
    • Underneath wall posters. 
  • Signs You Can Look To Identify Bed Bugs- 
  • Spot a bed bug movement
  • Dark stains on your mattress due to bed bugs excrements
  • Blood spots on bedsheets
  • Sickly odours coming from the mattress
  • Skin welts because of bed bugs. 
  1. Seal All The Infested Belongings
  • Once you identify the bed bug infestation, the next step is to seal them in the same places they infest
  • The best and fastest way for you to get rid of bed bugs is to vacuum the belongings you find bed bugs on
  • Then, take plastic bags or plastic sealants to completely seal the belongings and keep all those belongings in a place 
  • Keep all these belongings in plastic bags only until you wash them. When you are going to wash all of these, set the temperature to the highest in a washer. However, if any of the items don’t need washing, put them in the dryer for about 30 minutes by setting the temperature to the highest
  • Things you need to seal and wash/dry at high temperatures are as follows:
    • Dresser
    • Mattress
    • Carpets
    • TV
    • Bed, etc. 
  1. Get Ready To Do The Bed Bug Treatment
  • In this step, you need to treat your home. However, prior to the bed bug treatment, you need to make sure everything is cleaned. Like mattresses, TV, carpet, dresser, clothing, curtains and others
  • After that, you need to eliminate all those hiding places that bed bugs frequently visit. Follow the below to eliminate the hiding places for bed bugs:
    • Clothes, newspapers and books under the bed
    • If any objects are not necessary, throw them away
    • Then, seal off the open areas such as cracks around baseboards, tape the plug-sockets and caulk the furniture cracks
    • Note- Never move the infested items to a room that is already cleaned in order to prevent them from spreading. 
  1. Killing Bed Bugs With Various Methods 
  • Bed are easy to kill once you find their hiding places across your home 
  • Temperatures that easily kill any number of bed bugs are 0° of intense cold or 46.11°C of high heat 
  • If you want to a few more important ways how to get rid of bed bugs in mattress, look and follow the below:
    • Take boiling hot water and wash all the infested items in it for about 30 minutes. After that, put these items in the dryer by setting them to the highest temperature for around 30 minutes
    • Wherever (couches, clothes, carpets and other fabric belongings) you find bed bugs, use a high-performance streamer 
    • On a hot day that has 35°C, pack the infested objects in black plastic bags and put them outdoors. However, if you want to use colder temperatures, then it takes nearly 2-5 months to completely kill bed bugs with the sealing method
    • Remove all the bed bugs to put them in a bag. Now, put this bag in a freezer at -17.78°F and leave it there for 4 days to find all bed bugs are killed. 
  • Once you find there are no more visible bed bugs after this step, zip all the mattresses with bed bug-proof sealants to re-use the mattress. Therefore, even if there are any more bed bugs present on/in the mattress, they get trapped and die. 
  1. Inspect To Prevent Future Bed Bug Entry 
  • On completing the first 4 steps in how to get rid of bed bugs in mattress, you need to re-inspect the mattress. This is so you can prevent the future entry of bed bugs into your place
  • In fact, re-inspecting the mattress for bed bug removal ensures that the treatment you did worked or not
  • Also, when you are following the re-inspecting step, you need to do it every 7 days by cross-checking the above-mentioned signs
  • If you find no more bed bugs after following our guide, then it is great. But if it’s not the case, then follow other ways (mentioned above) in treating your place. 


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