Methods Used To Clean Tiles and Grouts

Tiles play a very important role in the house. Not only does they make the house look better but also makes it good to walk over the floor etc. But if the tiles start getting dirty they can be very bad. Dirty tiles look very bad and they defame the look of your place. “Methods Used To Clean Tiles and Grouts” Also, dirty and filthy tile promotes bacterial and fungal growth. This can be very dangerous as they can lead to a lot of diseases and health disorders. Therefore, it is better to get rid of such issues by getting the tiles and grout cleaned. 


Best Ways To Clean Tiles And Grouts

There are a lot of methods which are effective to clean the tiles and grouts. But we’ve brought you the best methods which can clean the tiles and grouts cleaning effectively within a short period of time. These are as follows:

  • Steam Cleaning – Steam cleaning is one of the most efficient methods to clean tiles and grouts. It uses phenomena like heat and pressure to clean the tiles and grouts effectively. You just need to take a steam cleaner having the steam temperature nearly 350 degrees.Not only will it kill the harmful microbes from the tiles but will also remove the stains and dirt.
  • Oxygen Bleaching – This method is good for cleaning white colored tiles. This is because there is the involvement of oxy-bleach. One just needs to mix a cup of warm water into the oxy-bleach solution and let it stir it thoroughly for a long time. Then this solution can be used to clean the tiles through a scrub or a cloth. It will give the tile a super clean appearance.
  • Baking Soda Solution – Baking soda is not only used to bake cakes, it has some other uses to. It can be very helpful to clean the tiles. One just needs to mix up equal quantities of baking soda and water into a container and still them for 10 minutes. Then sprinkle the solution over the tiles and let it settle for 20 minutes. This will loosen all the stains and filth stuck over the tiles. Then just clean the tiles with a cloth or a scrub. Hence, the tiles will look just like the new.
  • Mint Wash – It is one of the most effective and easiest home remedies to clean the tiles and grouts. In this one you need to mix vinegar with rubbing alcohol and water in a container. Then add a small amount of dishwasher soap into the solution with some peppermint oil. This solution will be helpful to clean the tiles effectively. Not only does it clean the tiles and grouts perfectly but also kill the harmful germs and bacterias.

Hire A Professional Tile And Grout Cleaner

All the steps that are listed above are very useful to clean the tiles and grouts effectively. But it requires some experience and some relevant skills which a non-professional individual may not have. So, they may not get the effective results. To avoid such cases, always ask for professional help. Therefore, We City Carpet Cleaning Canberra are here to help you with the best tile and grout cleaning services. So, contact us now to make a booking for these services. We provide all the tile and grout cleaning services at affordable rates.