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What Is Carpet Dry Cleaning - City Carpet Cleaning Canberra

What Is Carpet Dry Cleaning?

Among various options available for cleaning carpets, dry cleaning is the one method liked by many people. This process has many pros and cons that we will discuss here in the coming section. Before that, we will try to understand this process of dry cleaning carpets deeply. This process may seem simple but its results are amazing. This must be exciting for you to know what this method is, how it is done and many other things. So without any delay, let us begin. 

Carpet dry cleaning is a method of cleaning carpets that uses dry cleaning chemicals, instead of water and steam. Using a vacuum, brushes and dryers, you can proceed ahead through this cleaning process. The use of high-powered vacuums removes any excess water and gives instant results. Let us learn each step of dry cleaning carpets. 

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning Process Step by Step

  1. The first step in Carpet Dry Cleaning is vacuuming. Vacuum the floor thoroughly, including under furniture and along baseboards. You can save time by using a wet/dry vacuum with a hand-held brush attachment to remove any loose dirt or debris from under the furniture and along baseboards before you begin your cleaning process.
  2. While vacuuming, make sure your machine is in good working order so that it doesn’t damage the fibres of your carpets while removing dust particles from them. 
  3. If there are any clogs in any areas where water could get in during cleaning (such as under beds), then those areas need attention before proceeding further with this process because they could cause problems later on when trying to dry these carpets after washing them. 
  4. Next, use a carpet cleaner that is specially formulated to remove stains and spots from your carpets. It’s important to read the label on each bottle of cleaning solution before using it so that you know exactly what you’re working with. For example, some carpet cleaners contain bleach which could damage your carpet if overused or used improperly. Then, complete this procedure by using the carpet dry cleaning machine and leave it to dry completely.
  5. The last step is the use of sanitisers and deodorisers because germs and odours will not be treated during dry cleaning. This ends your cleaning process. 

Note: Dry cleaning carpets also have some limitations when compared to steam-cleaning methods because this type of cleaning can only remove stains from synthetic or natural fibres (i.e., wool), while it cannot clean oily spills. 

Carpet Dry Cleaning vs Steam Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is the process of using dry cleaning chemicals to clean carpets. It’s typically less expensive than steam cleaning, but it can damage your carpet if done incorrectly. 

Steam cleaning uses hot water and steam to remove stains from your home’s interior surfaces, including carpets. Steam cleaners are also known as pressure washers or wet/dry vacuums—think of them as portable versions of those machines you use in your house every day!

You will not have to wait for six hours to walk on them after dry cleaning and soon you can move furniture back in. Using dry cleaner first as a spot treatment is a good way to remove coffee and tea stains from carpets. 

When Considering a Dry Carpet Cleaning Method For Your Home, Consider Having It Professionally Done To Prevent The Possibility Of Damage

Professional dry carpet cleaning is more effective than DIY and less likely to affect your carpet. It’s also less expensive and environmentally friendly.

There are many different types of dry carpet cleaners out there that offer solutions for every type of situation you can think of in terms of how they do their work. If you need help deciding which one best suits what kind of problem needs fixing then you need to know more about your carpets.

Benefits of Carpet Dry Cleaning

  1. Affordable way: Carpet dry cleaning is a quick, simple, and affordable way to rid your home carpets of all kinds of stains, odours and allergens.
  2. Quick and Easy cleaning: Carpet cleaning can take a considerable amount of time, which may be less than you would like carpet dry cleaning makes the process easier and more efficient, by rapidly removing dirt, stains and odours from your carpet. 
  3. Fresh smell: Carpet dry cleaning is all about getting your carpet to look its best. You won’t experience a long wait time and can get your carpet cleaner back sooner than you’d expect. Then, you can enjoy the fresh smell of clean carpet for weeks and months.
  4. Prevent Mould and allergens: Carpet dry cleaning is the only way to properly clean carpets and rugs. In addition, deep cleaning will help prevent allergens and mould.


If you want to get rid of stains and dirt on your carpet, dry cleaning carpets can be the best option. It’s a great way to keep your home carpets looking nice without having to worry about how much time or money it would take. The decision is completely yours, whether you want to do it yourself or invest some extras in professional carpet cleaners