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Cleaning Tips When Moving Out: Get Your Rental Bond Back

How to Get Your Rental Bond Back: Cleaning Tips When Moving Out

Whenever we are moving out of our old house we need to get the house cleaned. Everyone wants their house to be cleaned before the tenant leaves the house. The first thing you need to do to get your bond and deposit back is to make a cleaning checklist. A cleaning checklist will not only help in cleaning the house but will also be helpful in making a perfect plan for cleaning. This in other terms is also known as an end-of-lease carpet stain cleaning. In this blog, we have come up with the best cleaning tips when moving out. It includes carpets, mattresses, upholsteries, rugs, and tiles.

Cleaning Tips When Moving Out

Some Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Moving Out- 

  • Remove all the nails, screws, and other stuff from the walls.
  • Use a cloth or brush to dust all the parts of the house. 
  • Use a vacuum to clean the house properly and remove all the dust and dirt. 
  • Use scrub for cleaning the refrigerators, pans, and other stuff. 
  • Clean the exhaust fan properly as it contains more dust. 

Clean From Top To Bottom- Always make sure to clean each and every part of the house neatly. Clean each and every corner of the house properly. You can use a vacuum or other tools for cleaning. You can also use home remedies for safe and secure cleaning. 

Clean And Sanitise The Carpet And Floor- The carpet and floor are the most exposed part of a house and should be taken care of properly. Regular mopping or carpet cleaning can be helpful. There are various products available in the market that are useful for effective sanitization of the floor. 

Clean And Fix The Walls- Walls might have holes and other damage. Make sure you clean the walls properly. Many Landlords will also have problems with the small holes present in the walls. Fix these holes before handing over the keys to the landlord.

Clean The Windows- Windows also catch a lot of dust and debris. You should clean them regularly so that you won’t require last-minute cleaning for the windows. You can vacuum regularly for the windows. 

Clean The Bathroom- The bathroom can be the hardest place to clean. There are a lot of areas in the bathroom that are hard to clean. Use effective cleaners to get rid of all the stains in the bathroom. 

Take Pictures When Finished- After everything, take pictures of everything you have cleaned. Take pictures of all the corners of the house to make sure you have all the evidence for the landlord before moving out. Take professional advice about how to and which places should be covered while taking photos.

Take Professional Help For End Of Lease Cleaning

When we hand over the house to the owner we need to clean the house completely. Professionals can help in providing the best end-of-lease carpet cleaning services in Canberra. They have proper knowledge about all types of cleaning services and also the techniques. With the help of the best tools, professional cleaners clean all the areas and also take care of sanitization of the things. Professionals will also give you advice about how to keep the surroundings clean. Carpet steam cleaning professionals will also help you by providing cleaning tips when moving out.