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Shower Curtain Cleaning Steps | Best Curtain and Blinds Cleaning

Shower Curtain Cleaning Steps

How To Clean A Shower Curtain and Get It Looking Like New?

Shower curtains are mandated to get cleaned in a constant period of time. Otherwise, they will catch moulds and mildew. The bacteria can cause skin infections and other problems for human beings. Therefore, it is really important to understand Shower curtain cleaning steps. Knowing the right cleaning process for shower curtains can save future hassles and expenses of buying a new one. It’s the best and most sustainable thing you can do. 

Regular use of shower curtains can fetch multiple problems like black & orange discolouration and unpleasant smell. The exposure of scum and soap with moisture and humid aura around results in the development of moulds and mildew; so it is better to get them regularly cleaned for your own health safety. Do not throw the curtains in the trash; instead, use some precautions with less effort for their cleanliness. you can hire services of Curtain cleaning Canberra. Continue reading the article to know details on shower curtain cleaning steps.

Shower Curtain Cleaning

How To Clean Shower Curtains When It’s Machine Washable? 

Load It With Washing

Remove the shower curtains and liners from the hooks and put them into the empty washing machine for cleaning. Ensure to not use the washed shower curtains until and unless these are not dried up completely. 

Bulk With Load 

It would be a good option to add a few towels to add in the washing machine with shower curtains so that the machine will be loaded and not shake. The abrasiveness of the extra towels you have added will help to remove the stains over the curtain. 

Use The Normal Detergent Powder

If your shower curtains are dealing with heavy stubborn stains, then use biological detergent with ½ cup of baking soda. In case of a heavy cleaning process; you can add ¼ cup of distilled vinegar to clean deeply. 

On the other hand, one can use ½ cup of bleach and reduce the amount of detergent to ¼ cup. Bleach works perfectly for the mould cleaning process, but in that case, the shower curtains have to be white in colour or transparent to avoid damage. 

Wash The Shower Curtains

It’s a gentle cleaning cycle that uses the highest temperature as suggested by the care label. If the shower curtains are made of plastic, the cleaning process will require cool water for cleanliness. At the very same time, use hot water to clean the fabric shower curtain. You do not have to end with the spin-cleaning process while doing plastic shower curtains. This is not going to retain water, so spin the towels separately and gently clean the plastic ones in the washing machine on their own. 

In case you have a shower curtain made with soft fabric, then you must think of checking out the cleaning label and do as the label says for its absolute cleaning. 

Shower Curtain Drying

Once you have shaken the shower curtain to clean, rehang it & wait for its drying. Make sure to leave the shower curtain in an open area and wait till it gets completely dried up. If the shower curtain is made with soft fabric, then you should opt for the tumble dry process for getting this cleaned ASAP. Rest you should check for the cleaning label attached to the curtain to know about the righteous cleaning process. 

Shower Curtain Cleaning Process By Hand

1. Use Damp Microfiber cloth For Cleaning

If your shower curtains have light stains. You can use a damp microfiber cloth to clean the light and normal stains. If still, the stains are not getting off; then spread baking soda over the curtains. 

2. Start With Scrubbing

Let the baking soda stay over the shower curtains for a few minutes, then scrub the stains gradually to remove those light stains gently. Now you should get the shower curtain rinsed or get cleaned microfiber with a damp microfiber cloth.  

3. Repeat The Process & Dry

If the shower curtain still did not get enough cleaned; then repeat the above-mentioned process for cleanliness. Rest, check out the cleaning labels, and tumble dry to do so. 

In case the curtains caught heavy stubborn stains you can hand wash the shower curtains perfectly by following some simple ingredients and steps. Fill the bathtub with hot water, ¼ cup of baking soda, and a few drops of detergent. Use a damp microfiber cloth and scrub the curtain to clean it. Once it is cleaned, it’s time to rehang it for the drying process. 

If you are using the same cleaning process with soft fibre shower curtains; then ensure to squeeze the curtain and get the excess water out from it to get cleaned before drying. 

To Conclude:

Hope this blog helped you understand shower curtain cleaning steps?” Same time you must know how often curtains should get cleaned. You can clean the shower curtains at least once a month. This will help the curtains to look like new again. 

If you are having a fabric shower curtain, then it might need less cleaning regularly. Just check whether the curtain caught up with stains, is it stinking or showcasing some stubborn dirt and debris mould, or mildew stuff over it. If such messy things happened with your curtain, you should think of getting it cleaned with the help of the above-demonstrated details. Moreover, for quality and safe results, reach out to a professional cleaning service. City Carpet cleaning Canberra provide best services of cleaning curtains and upholstery.